Maria Ilyinichna Fomina. My grandmother.

I learned to cook when I married. Prior to that it was not necessary, my mom was cooking. The village is easy. Each has his own business. When I lived with my parents, there was no need to cook. Then, with the appearance of my children, I learned. Read more:

Abitabile Vincenzo, chef of Pizzeria del’Capo

I’m Italian, I was born and raised in Castelvetrano, Sicily. Today I am 46 years old and 30 years I worked as a cook. For six years I work in the restaurant Pizzeria del’Capo. Read more:

Sergey Baysarevich. Chef of SEREBRO (Silver) Restaurant & Music Bar

I’m 30. I’ve been working in a restaurant business for 11 years, 7 of which as a chef. Now I work at SEREBRO (Silver) Restaurant & Music Bar. This place is dear to me, because here I can bring into life my most outstanding culinary fantasies, and our guests like it. Read more:

Hung Sit. Executive Chef of "Food n Beverage"

I’m 36. I have been Chef for 17 years. «Food n Beverage» is my new baby in my cooking life. Initially I worked in a bank, I was just an office man. It was really boring for me and I’m not good at calculating. After that, I tried be a renovation worker, but I didn’t suit me either. As you can see, both these jobs are totally different from food and beverages. Eventually, I decided to be a chef. Read more:

Sergei Khimich. Chef of САД Restaurant & Lounge

I was born 1978. I’ve been working as a cook for 12 years. I think it’s my vocation. My parents were totally against this, but I chose this path all the same. I’ve made the whole way from a cook’s helper to a chef and worked as a cook, head cook, sous-chef and became a chef in the end. In other words, I know my job inside and out. Read more:

Fedor Tardatyan, chef of Oldich Dress & Drink

I was born on November 4, 1974. I work twenty years in the restaurant industry and three years as a chef. In my restaurants I often cook for myself. I love it and I love doing it. Read more:

Patrick Casula

I was born in Grenoble, France. This is the region of Rhône-Alpes. I don’t remember how old I am. Rather I remember, but it doesn’t matter in my age. In 14 years I understood that I want something to open, explore, and create in a gastronomic sense. I felt a passion for my future work. Read more:

Jean-Pierre Jacob, chef of “Le Bateau Ivre” restaurant

I am 59 years old. I was born in 10 km from that place where now there is my restaurant, in Aix-les-Bains. It is the city of thermal sources in the region Savoie, near the Lac du Bourget.The best fish in the world floats in this lake. I prepare the dishes from the products that grow in my district. I am a third generation of chefs in our family. In this hereditary profession, there are two ways: either you plunge into it from childhood, or you realize that this is a crazy profession, because ninety percent of your life you spend at work. And I chose to stay in this profession that requires a huge return. Read more:

Roman Singh, Chef of 'GayLord' restaurant

Read more:

Stefano Antoniolli, chef of 'Ministerium'

Read more:

KRAJANG Thongjan. Chef of Saigon at Stanley

My name is KRAJANG Thongjan, you can call me Sam. I was born in 1964 and I’m Thai by ethnicity. When I came to Hong Kong I found myself working in a Thai kitchen. In 2000, I then joined Saigon at Stanley, and even after 30 years in this industry, I still think that the art of cooking is fascinating. Read more:

Murat Abay. Chef of Olive Restaurant

I’m 40. For 25 years, I’ve been working as a cook of different cuisines. After 10 years of my career, I became an executive chef at a small hotel. I looked for jobs in newspapers from time to time and I found one — “Kitchen Commis”. That job status was more significant than the job description I had. I decided to change my job. Meaning from “Executive Chef” to “Kitchen Commis”. I thought it was a break point of my carrier. But I was wrong. I worked just in a breakfast department for 1.5 years. I felt like a vampire at the end of these 1.5 years. Read more:

Vadim Volkovskiy. Chef of The Sky

My name is Vadim Volkovsliy. I’m 30, 14 of which I’ve been working as a cook. This is almost half of my life. Now I work in on of the best Kiev restaurants, in the very centre of the capital. During the daytime it’s called «The Sky», and at night «Skybar». Read more:

Vladimir Rumiantsev. Chef of Le Grand Café Bristol

I’m 42. I’m a chef by birth. I gained my work experience in Moscow five-star hotels: Baltschug Kempinski and National, and at the restaurants: «Pushkin Cafe» and «Ginger – gist of taste». I was involved in the opening of five-star hotel Bristol. Read more:

Lau Yiu Fai. Executive Chef of 欣圖軒 Yan Toh Heen (the 1-Michelin star Cantonese restaurant at InterCo

I was born 1960, so I’m 52 now. I first joined InterContinental Hong Kong in 1980 when the hotel first opened. I worked my way up the culinary ladder in the hotel’s Chinese Banqueting Kitchen. Then I was in the opening team when the hotel’s Cantonese restaurant first opened in 1984. I have been an Executive Chef of YAN TOH HEEN since 2001. Read more:

Aleksei Meniaylov. Chef of Klarabara

I’m 33. I’ve been working as a cook for 14 years. In Klarabara restaurant I’ve been working since 2003 with small breaks. I became a cook thanks to my parents. When I went to school, my mother noticed that I liked cooking, and decided to put me on this way. Read more:

Oleg Opria. Chef of art-café Obshchaga

The interior of our café is to maximum extent possible resembles those old good dormitories of the Soviet times, which were like a home away from home for all students. I’m 52, and I remember those dormitories. I’ve been involved with the kitchen for 34 years. Deeply involved. And I don’t regret about this. After all, my father worked as a cook for more than 50 years! By the way, my son has been cooking for more than 10 years as well. So, I can say that we are cooks by birth. Read more:

Murat Kaçmaz. Chef of Kadikoy Tantuni

I’m 28. I’ve been working in Tantuni business since 1999 and I’ve been a chef for the last 7 years . I always talk to my customers so there is no distance between customers and me. I treat them as a friend in Kadikoy Tantuni that’s why the work is always a fun. But the most interesting moment was about my mistake when I was cooking. Instead of oil I put some juice in tantuni by accident. Although I put the wrong ingredient I didn’t realize it. After I served it, the customers understood my mistake, but they ignored it because we are like friends with customers. They just wanted to be kind. I cannot forget their faces when they were eating:) Read more:

Mr. Sato Taisuke. Chef of AKA彤 Japanese Cuisine & Lounge

I was born in 1955, and have been working as a cook for 40 years, 25 of which I worked in Japan (my country of origin). Now I’m an Executive Chef of AKA Japanese Cuisine and Lounge. A key element of my work is Wabi Sabi. I’d like to explain to you what it means. These words describe the spirits of Japanese cuisine: the finding of beauty and peace in ordinary things, the chef gives the guests his full attention and does not look down on them. In return, the guests show respect for the chef’s work and appreciate the food for its tastes and appearances. Read more:

Şevket Gezer. Chef of Adonin

I was born on 25 February 1973. So I’m going to be 40 soon. Time flies. I have been working as a cook since 1991. I’ve been the head chef of Adonin Cafe & Restaurant for 5 years. My express interest in cooking started when I was of much younger age. In my childhood, my immense pleasure was to watch my mother while she was cooking, to observe what ingredients were used and how she was preparing the dish, and also to wonder whether it would change the taste of food, if we added new ingredients. The whole process was fascinating, I could spend hours in the kitchen. Read more:

Danny Chaney. Chef of ‘Blue Butcher’

I’m 28. I have been cooking for 11 years now. I used to cook for the prime minister of Bermuda, and the sheik of Dubai. I won’t say the names, you can google by yourself, it’s easy. The first job I had in a restaurant was washing dishes as a kid, so that I could buy a new skateboard. That’s how it all started. Read more:

Sergei Ponomariov. Chef of restaurant Praha

Just today I’ve turned 36. You’ve got on my birthday. I’ve been working in a restaurant business for 20 years. I dreamt of being a sailor and attended Young Sailor Club when I was a child. But I never studied, as I couldn’t find maritime college in Kiev. My father advised me to study for a cook. I entered training school, and I liked it a lot. I was the best among the students of my year, and right after I passed my exams I started working at a young pioneer camp. I was only 15 then. Young pioneer camp is a very good place to learn. We had to do everything by ourselves: from separating carcasses to baking. Read more:

Nina Popova, Chef of café Centaur

I’m 54. I’ve been working as a cook for 9 years. My milestone is chef at café “Centaur” I worked as a cook for several years right after I finished school, as I liked to cook since childhood. But I had to change my occupation. I tried a range of professions until I finally understood that cooking is my lifework. Read more:

Aleksandr Kasian, Pastry Chef

I’m 29, and I’ve been a cook since 2000. But actually it would be more correct to say that since I was a child. When I was a child, our family somehow got two sacks of flavour. My mother doesn’t bake, so the flavor remained untouched for a long period of time. I was curious and started kind of testing it: kneaded dough and tried to bake something. At first, I didn’t manage well, but every time it was better and better. Then I started exchange recipes with my mother’s friends. Read more:

Oleg Pashkevich, Chef of Sushi360

I’m 28. I was working as a barman in a restaurant, when the Japanese cuisine became popular in our country. I decided I wanted to make classy sushi and went to Kiev, where I became an apprentice of a Japanese sushi master Yoshi. My apprenticeship reminded Hollywood thrillers of 1990s, where the main protagonist goes to a guru of martial arts in the heart of Tibet. But My Tibet was in Kiev. Read more:

Sergey Kalinin. Gastronomy observer at Forbes Ukraine

I’m 40 years old. I’m not a chef, I’m a professional amateur. This is how my friends call me for a fun. Anyway, I’m a culinary journalist. My everyday life is closely related to the media. I develop food culture. My motto is to cook by yourself, meaning that people should stop buying ready-to-eat and vapid food, and to cook healthy and tasty food at home instead. It doesn’t cost much. My culinary community iCook is devoted to this. Read more:

Konstantin Lipchak. Chef of Gastrorock Pub

I’m 21. I first got to the restaurant as a cook, when I was 17. I like to cook since childhood. I prepared my first dish when I was 3. These were fried eggs that I cooked under guidance of my parents. This rather funny case was, perhaps, decisive of my fate. I can’t imagine myself outside kitchen. I can’t do anything else, and why should I? If I manage to cook well, then I will improve myself in this area. Read more:

Aleksey Shvec. Chef of Bernardazzi

I’m 27 years old. Am working as a cook over 12 years, 3 of them as a chef at the Bernardazzi restaurant. My first culinary experience happened when I was 6. My mother put to boil the potatoes in jackets and left the house. When I came to the kitchen and saw that the water was boiling to hard, I put a chair and took a match — as I saw my mother always did this. I stabbed the potatoes and turned off the fire, couse decided the food was ready. When my mother came home, she was surprised the dinner is made. Read more:

Sergey Savenko. Chef of Marokana restaurant

Born August 15, 1979 It all started with a desire to learn to cook, and eventually come to understand that for others like to cook more than for myself … So I think my goal to surprise guests, give positive emotions from the delicious food and the most to improve, learn and comprehend new Read more:

Sergey Neboga. Chef of Pomodoro

I’m 31. I’ve been a cook for 13 years, and I enjoy it a lot. Destiny has chosen this path for me and I’m happy to follow it. I’ve been working in Pomodoro since it was founded. Previously, I worked for about 6 or 7 years in other places of this chain. I like the attitude to the staff, the owners of the restaurant are attentive and understanding. They are always involved. And I like to have a free hand for creative work. This is inspiring. Read more:

Viktor Prodanov. Chef of Grand Prix

I am 36 years old, I was born and grew in Odessa. 16 years I work as the cook, five of them in Grand Prix. I wanted to become a cook since the childhood. started to cook at school, constantly surprising the parents. I love native, Bulgarian cuisine. But it is more for myself. I love also Italian and French cusine. This dish that in the photo, I chose because of its taste. It is very pleasant to me and I insistently recommend it. Read more:

Nikolay Truba. Chef of Gogol-Mogol

How old am I? I was born in 1970. It was the Soviet Union back then. That’s why I had a Soviet childhood. The best one. I’ve been a cook since 1993. I graduated from the Institute of National Economy, as a food industry technician. I’ve been working in Gogol for two years. This is a very interesting and creative place, and I like it. This is what I am. Read more:

Mikhail Marchuk, Chef of Touche Cafe

In my 39 years old. And last 17 of them I am cooking. I’ve been studying cooking technologies for 5 years. But really learned to cook, when started to cook at restaurant. My teacher is a chef, Michael Evan. Read more: